The car park is entered and exited using a key fob and care must be taken not to try to pass through while the gate is closing. Vehicles parked in the car park must be legal for road use and roadworthy. There is a 2.1 metre height limit on entry to avoid damage to vital pipes etc. and a 5 mph speed limit throughout. Be warned that this is unenforceable and abused by many. Parking spaces must not be used for storage of other items, unless they belong to those favoured by the directors and vehicle maintenance is not permitted within the garage, which is also abused on some occasions. Replacement fobs are available if lost or damaged by contacting Minster Property Management.


Parking for visitors is on a  short-term basis only. Short-term is too ill defined to be enforceable but gives the opportunity to be partial.  Visitor bays are marked with yellow V and must not be used for additional vehicles by residents, however, residents vehicles may be used by visitors and parked in visitor spaces and do not need to be parked outside of the car park.


The lifts are generally reliable, but in the case of a malfunction, Minster Property Management may be called or a Director contacted. Frequently (never in the last four years), the problem can be traced to rubbish dropped in the door track.

The day and time of routine maintenance is NEVER advised in advance. It has been suggested that Minster are either or both, incompetent or just don’t care. This can prejudice older occupants and is negligent, uncaring and unnecessary.


Each block has a labelled bin store and doors should be kept closed and the floor kept free of rubbish.

Landfill rubbish and recycle items must be placed in separate bins within the bin store and are collected on alternate weeks. Large cardboard items should be cut up before being placed in the recycle bins. No items larger than domestic rubbish (furniture, appliances etc.) may be placed in the bin stores; these items must be taken to the local household recycling centre.


Balconies are a very pleasant part of living by the water with the beautiful views we enjoy, but residents must be considerate about noise after 11.00 pm, especially in warm weather when balcony doors are open.

Please ensure that all outdoor furniture is securely fastened on balconies, especially when bad weather has been forecast. Any damage your possessions may cause to the community will be your responsibility.

Washing may not be placed on the balconies at any time and open barbeques are not permitted.


But It ok, it’s in Pelican!
But it’s ok, it’s in Sandpiper!


Our four blocks are provided with an integrated fire alarm and smoke extraction system from the common areas. In the event of a fire warning, residents should be familiar with and follow the instructions provided on each floor. A false or nuisance fire warning can be dealt with by one of the Directors.

So, what is a “nuisance” warning? The evidence is anything the Directors don’t want to deal with.

The control board for the alarm system has been showing a fault, continuously since early February 2023 and is still extant on March 5th 2023. This is the second such event in 2023. On the first occasion in January 2023 a resident was forced to call ADT the suppliers who hold a maintenance contract, as advertised beside the control board. This exposed the fact that the site reference was incomplete. Fortunately, sorted by “Google Maps”. Seems it was a defective smoke detector, which, it is believed, was disabled, NOT repaired/replaced.

Residents should not interfere with the smoke extraction doors or the control panel.

The smoke extraction doors open and close, automatically and evidently on random occasions, from time to time. More than once in 2022 and again in 2023. This affects all floors, below is an example on the ground floor.

When the smoke extractor doors open, so does the exterior door at ground floor level, so there is NO SECURITY OF ACCESS.

BUT don’t worry, The RTM, through Minster (?) made a temporary “fix”:

Remember, this is PUFFIN HOUSE and no Director of the RTM lives here, TRY PELICAN !



It seems a Director of the RTM cannot find the pair of fire doors on the first floor, although there is only one pair.

For an extended period of weeks, these did not close:

Failure to close means that the performance criteria of fire resistance cannot be met!

Eventually, “someone” decided to remove an intumescent strip, now they close!


BUT: without the strip, the fire resistance criteria cannot be met! Back to square one!
This was reported to a landlord, because Minster, and it seems the RTM will not deal with tenants!

Initially, the landlord advised that the contractor responsible was on holiday. ………So, NOTHING has done, and the risk remains.

Then on 24th February 2023, see below, he advised that the contactor had returned from holiday and was not responsible for the removal.
Since then NOTHING has been done, by ANYONE and the risk STILL remains TODAY, MID MARCH 2023.

If the contractor did not remove the strip then WHO DID?

It is argued that the failure of any responsible party to address this issue, including the absentee landlord, is more than a disgrace and a widespread failure of any DUTY of CARE to any occupant, resident or otherwise, from time to time.

There are a number of single ladies, OAPs and those with disability, resident in PUFFIN



The attitude of an absentee landlord is displayed in this letter: 


After significant pressure on the management, the fire door to the garage now closes as it should, whereas, in the recent past it has failed to. 


It is still exposed to the vagaries of workman. Typically, the culprits are removal men and, perversely, workmen tasked with internal repairs.

It doesn’t look much, but the 30 minute fire resistance test would fail….!


Similarly, the door from the 1st floor to the Podium has been problematic for months:

It now closes after attention to the swelling of the door from timber exposed to the weather. They have left planned timber exposed so it will swell again…………………



Cat or dog ownership is restricted to apartment owners and must not be allowed to cause a nuisance to other residents.

A permit must be obtained through Minster Property Management before you acquire a dog or a cat.

Dogs and cats are not permitted in rental properties.
This is, of course, ridiculous and a clear Human Rights Issue and as such unsupportable.

The application of the “rule” by the RTM and applied by Minster, is potentially, inconsistent, certainly prejudiced and not an accurate description of the terms of the head lease.


If it were not so ridiculous, the absolute interpretation, by the RTM through their agents, is laughable.

A tenant, was asked by a neighbour, an owner, to look after their authorised dog, while they were away for a few days. Despite, this position, the tenant was advised that there would have to be an application to the RTM.

It seems that the patients have taken over the asylum and continue to pretend that idiotic decisions are normal!



Smoking is not permitted in any public area of the development ie corridors, garage and  building entrances.


Terrestrial TV is supplied by cable and SKY satellite is also available. If higher grade SKY reception is required, Minster Property Management should be contacted.

When the wind is very strong, as in the weekend just past, 11/12th March 2023, the signal was so disrupted, it was impossible to view TV, etc.


There are bicycle racks provided in the car park area, but even with locks and CCTV, there have been thefts. Owners should be aware that theft is a constant threat.

Interestingly, the RTM Directors have this message on their site despite the claimed “presence” of CCTV!


Life at Harbour Reach is a pleasant experience provided that we all consider our neighbours and the noise levels we generate, particularly late at night in warmer weather.

Pleasant experience“? Less so. if you are in PUFFIN HOUSE!


A number of residents have experience problems with the large tilting windows fitted in the apartments. These problems include sticking of the windows and  corrosion of metal parts.

In order to maintain good operation of the windows, the metal hinge parts and latches need to be kept cleaned and must be lubricated regularly. This is to ensure smooth operation and resistance to corrosion in our harsh salt-water environment.

The recommended product to be used on the window metal parts and mechanism is WURTH HHS 5000 which is a synthetic creep oil with PTFE. This can be obtained online from Ebay; other similar products are available. This oil can be used as a protective spray and as a lubricant for moving parts.

It is the responsibility of owners to maintain external windows and doors and protect them from environmental damage.

Despite these statements there is a programme of reparation in hand that commenced in 2022. See the letter from Minster, below, dated February 2022.

In April their contractors attended Puffin and, in at least one apartment, removed large parts of the function of French windows onto a balcony., SEE NEWS!


The letter from Minster, AGAIN, includes advice for immediate termination of a lease. Despite the authors title as below, they are just wrong and about this and behaviour that she argues amounts to harassment. The landlord tested this when he alleged an offence to the police, who rejected it!

Partial, prejudiced and unfounded, thank heavens they have been replaced!




Again, it seems that the patients have taken over the asylum and continue to pretend that idiotic decisions are normal! FAWLTY WINDOWS.