Safe & Sound


Be sure to lock doors when leaving your apartment.

Make sure communal entry/ exit door are closed behind you.

Do not prop or lock entry/exit doors open.

Do not open external doors to strangers via intercom unless you are sure they are bona fide persons.


Escape routes are marked and have emergency lighting. Residents are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the fireĀ  instructions on the notice board located in each building on ground floor and included below. Please ensure that the emergency exits are always secure and nothing is blocking their pathway. This could block people from being able to evacuate the building in timely manner. Additionally, you must not store any items in the communal areas, in the main reception, corridors and outside your own door.


The four blocks are provided with the integrated fire alarm and smoke extraction system from the common areas. In the event of a fire alarm, residents should follow the instructions provided on the ground floor of each building. A false warning or inappropriate use of a break-glass box can be reset by the one of the directors. Residents should not interfere with the smoke doors or the control panel.


Smoke alarms in the communal areas are maintained by the fire alarm company, but lessees are responsible for the maintenance of the detectors and alarms within their own flats. If you rent your property this is the responsibility of the letting Agents or the landlords. The smoke detectors should be tested by the pressing the button in the centre of the device which will emit a shrill wail. The battery should be changed every year, and the grill of the deviceĀ  cleaned with a vacuum to remove any dust.